Week 72: Another great week!

This week has been so great!

We were so lucky to go to the Isle of Wight and work with the sisters there for a little bit! We hopped on the ferry on Wednesday and worked there all day Thursday! It was so beautiful and fun! It’s a cute little island that is very pretty, quaint and English!
I went on exchange with Sister Wilcken! She is super cute and just got here two weeks ago! She is from cedar city and is so excited to be a missionary! We did lots and lots of finding! Gotta love street contacting 🙂 but it is FREEZING on the Island! I was dying! I’m glad I’m here, on the mainland, most of the time!
We also met with the cutest mom ever!! She moved here from South Africa 10 years ago and worked tons to save up money to be able to have her children come here as well! There were times where she would have to live off of 5 pounds a week and would send all her money back home! It is incredible and humbling to see what challenges people are going through. I feel so grateful to have been blessed with so much, the gospel, my family and the opportunity to server heavenly father!
Our friend, She is so amazing and so faithful! She loves God and said that she knows that He sent us to her! She seems super promising! The only concern is she has a little boy that is really autistic. He can’t speak at all and it is pretty hard to meet with her! We just are being pretty creative 🙂
Our other friend, he is still doing well! We just had a really bold teach with him! He knows the church is true and he knows what he needs to do, it just takes a lot of courage sometimes! But he will get there!
Another fun thing this week was remembrance day! Everyone wears poppy pins everywhere they go and sacrament meeting is different. We sing special songs and they use tons of remembrance day quotes! It was fun to experience that again! A favourite hymn we sang is called “Jerusalem”! It talks about working until we build “Jerusalem” or Zion “in England green, pleasant land” so it is definitely a missionary favourite!
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Week 71: Heavenly Father’s hand is in everything!

This has been such a fun crazy week!

Lots of crazy things happened! Our friend was set for his baptism but went away for a few days to get some help with a few things so we were busy with Skype lessons and had to do his baptism interview over Facebook but it all worked out and he passed! Sadly, his psychologist told him not to get baptised and he decided to postpone 😦 but we are still working with him! He still wants to move forward! We just have to remember it’s all in Heavenly Fathers timing 🙂
We were able to see some amazing miracles though! On Saturday we went on exchanges with Sister Li and Sister Wang! They are so cute! They are from China and Taiwan and are super funny! They loved our view from the balcony and we all got blankets and sat outside and looked at the river before we went to bed! They also made us some really yummy Chinese food which was really Good!
on Saturday there was an hour that the whole mission went finding together! It was so fun! Sister Gaston met a really cool Italian guy and he came to church the next day! We were able to meet with him this week and he is now working towards baptism!
We also texted all the numbers we have in our phone and the cutest mom responded and came to church as well! She is darling! And LOVED church! She is going to have us over to teach the rest of her family!
It’s so neat to see Heavenly Fathers hand in everything!
Another miracle is from last night! We were both super sick and out of it. it was pouring rain and pitch black even though it was only 5 pm. So we were just doing our best to be happy and make it to our next appointment. We got to a busy roundabout and started to cross the street…we didn’t look first….and all of a sudden we both just stopped and looked up and a car sped by in front of us right where we were about to take a step! It was super scary! But I know Heavenly Father was watching  over us and had us stop right then so we wouldn’t get hurt. It was so scary but a huge miracle! And now I PROMISE to look before I cross the street!
Another fun part of this week was Guy Fawkes night or “bonfire night”! Everyone makes big bonfires in their back garden and there are tons of fireworks all week! Sister Gaston laughs at me because whenever I hear them I start running around so we can watch them. But, It’s been super fun to come home at night and see them all up and down the river from our window! It’s a really strange Holiday though. They are remembering a man that tried to blow up parliament ages ago and so some people even make a little scary scare crow type person and burn them on top of the fire! It’s pretty crazy! I love England!

Week 70: “Miracles in Hamble”

We have had such a great week! I love Hamble River!

We are teaching a really cool guy. He was in the army
and came back with some pretty horrible PTSD. Sadly, he turned to
drugs and lost control of most of his life. The sisters here have been
working with him for the past couple months. Then when I got here he
was on date for baptism for the 4th of November but wasn’t keeping any
of the commandments and didn’t really remember much because he was
still on drugs when they taught him everything. But Miracles happened
and he was willing to give up smoking and coffee and is getting
baptised!! This week has been crazy getting him caught up on all the
lessons and feeling good about everything! But he is great now and is
getting interviewed for tonight!

It has been so neat to see the changes he has made! He is a completely
new person and is so excited to have a fresh new life! It is so neat
to be able to be here and see him make the step to be baptised!

We also are meeting with a cute 22 year old girl! She lives right next to us which is fun! She and her boyfriend came to the ward Halloween party with us on Saturday which was really great! I think they really liked it!

Halloween was fun! It’s not super big here but we went and stopped by
a few people’s homes on the way to a DA and it was fun to see all the little
kids all dressed up out trick or treating. We even got a few treats
ourselves 😊

We were at the cutest lady’s house and she is just
darling. She was baptised when she was 14 in 1961! I told her my
grandpa served here around that time. And she was like well we knew
all the elders I mean we were 14 year old girls. 😉 I mean we hated
the mission presidents daughter because she was always around all of
them 😂she didn’t recognise grandpas name and brought down a picture
of all the missionaries that were out the month after she got
baptised! I’ll send it to you as well! Maybe you and Grandma can spot him easier than I.

But it has been a great week, fun times meeting all the amazing people here! I’m
excited to get to serve here! It should be amazing!

But it is starting to get so cold and foggy at night. It’s kinda crazy
I keep getting flashbacks to last winter in Christchurch and I don’t
think I’m ready for it!! But the air is like really gross and we get
home at night and smell so bad like we had just been smoking for
hours…..I’m a little worried. But besides that things are great!

Love and Miss you ALL!










Week 69: “Transfers, very sad, Good-byes..”

It’s been a crazy week here! So much has changed!

I moved to Hamble River….basically Southampton…yesterday! It’s so
strange to be back in the west again! I’m in the stake right next to
Christchurch so I will go back to Poole for zone conference which is
kinda fun!

Ah leaving Crawley was so hard! I love everyone there so much! But we
were able to see a miracle and meet with our friends! Ah it was
heartbreaking. They gave me a cute card and as I was reading it She was
crying because I was leaving and then I read it and it said “thank you
for bringing such an amazing message even though we have chosen to shut
that message out of our lives” I almost started crying. They are
totally using their agency incorrectly! They wouldn’t really even talk
about the church. I finally was like what happened? He said they just aren’t ready! broke my heart, I know how much happiness the gospel can bring to us all!

I made them promise to look at their lives and see the difference now
that they aren’t trying to go towards God and then continue to pray
and read. Then message me or Sister Gates when they want to learn
more. It was the hardest night!! MIRACLE right before we went to bed, we
got a text that said “thank you so much sister steed…I’ll be coming
to church on Sunday!” Hopefully they will! I just love them SO much!!!

Our other friend, also came to church with his daughter! She is
super cute and is starting to love church! She drew us cute little
pictures and wants to be friends on some app when I get home…she’s
like 8 😂 but she is darling! Her dad is also progressing a lot and is
now working towards baptism! So that is very exciting!

We were also able to have a district meeting with the visitor center sisters!
It was so good to see them! Two of them go home this week so it was
sad to say goodbye😢

Southampton seems great though! I’m companions with Sister Gaston! She
is darling! She is in the same group as sister thielke and sister
Gates. It’s really fun because she was trained by sister Bradshaw on
Jersey while I was stl in the Poole zone so we have already been able
to work together!

She is the cutest little happiest person in the world! And she is from
Paris and can teach me French! 😊

It’s a party here! I love being a missionary!







image2-4 copy

I went on three different trains by myself with four pieces of luggage
and went through Clapham which Is a big station in London…and
survived! I think I should win a prize.
I actually did find some nice people to help me tho, yay!!!



Week 68: “Start on our knees & have faith…”

So we literally thought the world was going to end this week….

Apparently there have been hurricanes in Ireland and a lot of Sand from the Sahara Desert has blown up here? Who knows if that is true. But the sky was so strange! Everything was orange and the sun was Bright Red. Super creepy. We were driving down to the coast to work with the Eastbourne sisters and everything looked so dodgey! Luckily we survived and the hurricane didn’t come towards us!
Sad sad day. our friends invited us over for dinner on Tuesday but we had to switch days for Thursday and it was fine. Then Thursday rolls around and they cancel….weird but not too crazy. By they wouldn’t text us back or anything. We have stopped by and then they wouldn’t answer the door 😢 ah it was the saddest thing! They are literally our family over here! We just don’t know what to do! So please really pray for them! We are going over with cookies today! Food can bring miracles some times! 😉
Our other friend finally came to church! He is a nice man that we always see on the path by our flat. After months of talking to him he finally started to meet with us! He brought his 8 year old daughter to church and she is super cute!
This Sunday they had a special broadcast with Elder Ballard for all the adults in the Europe Area. It was SO GOOD! They had a few general authorities go up and speak with their wives. They were really great and cute. Then Elder Ballard gave an amazing talk! He said that one of his greatest concerns is apathy. That we don’t take enough time to be still and recognise Heavenly Fathers hand in our lives and talk with him. He talked about how important it is to put aside time to have quiet moments. That was something I needed to hear! I feel like as a missionary we are almost always focused on doing what Heavenly Father wants us to do… but we don’t always take the time to have quiet moments and get too caught up being “busy.” I also loved that he told us to not be afraid and to believe in MIRACLES! He shared some amazing stories, miracles that he has seen in his life! He also said that the Biggest miracle that can happen to us is the miracle of bringing the gospel to someone else!
I love being a missionary! It is amazing to see miracles every day! Elder Ballard also reminded us that miracles start on our knees! And then we need to have faith in order for them to happen!
I LOVE YOU and MISS you so much!
2 o’clock in the afternoon
can’t hold babies.. but puppies are ok! 🙂
face timing a lesson during our train ride…
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week 67: Heavenly Father has a plan…

What an amazing week! We had so many fun things going on!

Thursday we had zone conference with over half the mission! It was so great to see so many friends! Sister Thielke is finally in the East again so it was fun to see her!
It was an amazing conference! President and Sister Gubler talked a lot about how it is good to focus on baptism and investigators but it is most imoportant to focus on the Saviour and our relationship with him! They bore powerful testimonies of Him and the importance of helping others find Him as well! The spirit was so strong!
We also got go to East Grinstead and work with the sisters over there! It was so fun to see them! And they are lucky enough to work in the visitors centre so we got to go visit the temple and see them! I love being in the Crawley Zone 🙂
We had training and interviews at the Gublers yesterday! It was so great to be able to spend time with them and be in their home! Sister Gates and I were in charge of Lunch though…. so we went to Tesco’s the “posh” grocery store to get everything. The funny part was we found an american section! I sent a picture! It was fun to see American things! But a package of oreos were 10 dollars! crazy! but it was still fun 🙂
(just a funny little thing we were making 3 croc pots worth of chicken with garlic and onions while we did our morning studies..and our flat was like oozing with the smell of garlic….we go get into the car and the elders get into drive it and they are like sisters we are so sorry we need to clean our car..then started freaking out and rolling down the windows and were like it smells like garlic thats so weird… then we realised that it was actually us that wreaked of garlic…embarrasing…..no wonder no one wants to talk to us on the street…then when we were walking home a bird pooped all over my hair….so so grosss. So i took a really long shower after! 😉
One of my favourite parts of this week was teaching cute friend! She is our 91 year old friend she was doing really well but is having a hard time accepting the restoration. We went over with a recent convert. She is great but hit a lot of anti recently. So our friend was a little bashy but we just testified that Joseph Smith really is a prophet and that the only way she can know is asking God. We left the lesson feeling really frustrated and discouraged that she was not willing to find out for herself. But our recent convert was so excited and was like good job sisters! That was such an amazing lesson! It strengthened my testimony so much!
It was great to see how Heavenly Father has a plan. Maybe that lesson was really supposed to help her. I know that even though we don’t always see the successes there is always a reason everything happens.
Everyone is doing well! actually some little bumps, so if you can keep them in your prayers that would be great! but i love them all SO much! It is not even funny! They just need to figure some things out.


we found American candy! Haha! only $10 for oreo’s 😉


Sunrise during our morning exercise…




week 66: conference, exchanges & Friends!

Ah so I am first so so so jealous of the beautiful tress and mountains
by you! Oh my gosh they are SO PRETTY! Driving the in the canyon is my
favourite conference activity!

I LOVED conference though. It’s so exciting to be able to watch it and
know you are watching it at the same time! It makes me feel so close
to you! What was your favourite talk? I loved! Sister Jones and
President Uchtdorfs from the women’s session! I also loved elder
Hollands on Saturday morning!

But it was fun we went to watch with our friends. They were cute and
made popcorn and turned off all the lights so it could be like we were
at the cinema. they were saying that he was “hoping” it wasn’t true.
He was super down and just wanted to be mad at God so he prayed and
said if something doesn’t happen soon I’m stopping everything. Within
20 minutes we had texted him a scripture that answered his concerns in
that moment. I love how Heavenly Father makes a way for all of our
prayers to be answered!

our other friend LOVED conference as well. Haha so in England no one really
goes to the chapel to watch conference but we heard on Sundays a few
people do. Well we get there and it was just us the elders and our
investigators and one other family! It was a party!! Kinda fun to have
the whole chapel to ourselves. our friend stayed there for three sessions
though! He was at the chapel from 10 in the morning to 7 at night! And
took tons of notes. He said it was just an “emotional rollercoaster”

The person who really loved conference though was our other friend! She said that
she just felt this huge comforting feeling like someone was sitting
right next to her! She especially loved the Samoan speaker about
giving up everything to join the church! Hopefully it will help her
have more of a desire to be baptised!

One of my favourite parts of this week was meeting Fred! He
came and met me at the Brighton Chapel after a meeting! He is very
funny and English! He talked to us for a bit and then said ok so which
one of you is sister madsen? I told him who I was and then was like oh
ok….well yes your grandpa baptised me. I went to church for a year
and haven’t been back since….then was super quiet and straight
faced…then he was like no just kidding. I love your grandpa! He told
us that he was the branch president in Brighton for a long time..
around a year! I asked him about how he first heard about the church
and he told the story of how he crashed young women’s because they saw
cute girls 😂 it was fun to hear his side and read grandpas! But
grandpa was also his first bishop. He remembers him pulling him in his
office and telling him about tithing a month after he was baptised.
Things were different then! he is a really neat fun man.
He met his wife while he was knocking as a member missionary and now
she is the seminary teacher! He had a bad fire fighting accident so
his memory isn’t all there so he did say that he and grandpa kept in touch and that when grandpa was in London for business he
told the owner of Harrods that he wanted to stop in Brighton for a bit
to see a friend he met while he was a missionary in Brighton. He told
them he was a fireman and that he would just go ask the fire
department if anyone knew where he lived and then the owner of Harrods
assistant was like oh do you mean Fred? Yeah I have his number
and gave it to him right there. Fred said they spent a few days
together and went and looked at the old chapel. It’s now a care home
for elderly people. It was so special to meet him and see how the
gospel really does bless people’s lives! And it was so neat to meet
someone grandpa baptised and hear all about the great things he’s done! I
love being in England!

I love you sooo much!

Fred!! good friend of grandpa’s…
incredible man that grandpa baptised on his mission!
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